Bram Stoker Awards

1987 Best Novel Misery Winner (Tie)
1988 Long Fiction The Night Flier Nominated
1990 Long Fiction The Langoliers Nominated
Fiction Collection Four Past Midnight Winner
1991 Novel Needful Things Nominated
Dark Tower III Nominated
1993 Fiction Collection Nightmares & Dreamscapes Nominated
1994 Novel Insomnia Nominated
1995 Long Fiction Lunch at the Gotham Café Winner
1996 Novel The Green Mile Winner
1997 Long Fiction Everything's Eventual Nominated
1998 Novel Bag of Bones Winner
Short Fiction Autopsy Room Four Nominated
1999 Novel Low Men in Yellow Coats Nominated
Fiction Collection Hearts in Atlantis Nominated
2000 Long Fiction Riding the Bullet Nominated
Nonfiction On Writing Winner
2001 Novel Black House Nominated
2002 Novel From A Buick 8 Nominated
2003 Fiction Collection Everything's Eventual Nominated

Horror Guild

1997 Novel Desperation Winner
2001 Non-Fiction On Writing Winner
Long Story Riding the Bullet Winner
2002 Novel Black House Winner
2003 Novel From A Buick 8 Winner
Collection Everything's Eventual Winner

Horror Writers Association

2003 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Hugo Awards

1982 Non-Fiction Danse Macabre Winner

Locus Awards

1982 Non-Fiction Danse Macabre Winner
1986 Collection Skeleton Crew Winner
1997 Novel Desperation Winner
1999 Novel Bag of Bones Winner
2001 Non-Fiction On Writing Winner

National Book Foundation

2003 Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters Recipient


1981 Novellette The Way Station Winner

O. Henry Award

1996 The Man in the Black Suit Winner

World Fantasy Awards

1976 Novel 'Salem's Lot Nominee
1979 Collection/ Anthology Night Shift Nominee
Novel The Stand Nominee
1981 Novel The Mist Nominee
1982 Short Fiction Do the Dead Sing? Winner
1983 Collection/ Anthology Different Seasons Nominee
Novella The Breathing Method Nominee
1984 Novel Pet Sematary Nominee
1985 Novel The Talisman Nominee
Novella The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet Nominee
1986 Collection/ Anthology Skeleton Crew Nominee
1987 Novel IT Nominee
Short Fiction The End of the Whole Mess Nominee
1988 Novel Misery Nominee
1995 Short Fiction The Man in the Black Suit Winner
2000 Collection Hearts in Atlantis Nominee