Wed. August 3rd 2005

1) Took off Megan's Montreal Canadian Link off Website

2) Took off Megan's Stephen King Link off Website

3) Took Profile & & Megan's Stuff of Website


Fri. April 22nd 2005

1) Changed name from X-GF back to GF on main page

2) Added Season 9 to Southpark Main Page

3) Added 7 Southpark episodes descriptions to Season 9

4) Changed Headline text on some linked pages


Mon. December 20th 2004

1) Removed the "BACK" & "FORWARD" button on the Content Links

2) Changed the looks of the Content Links, When mouse goes over icon it changes color

3) Changed the title look on every linked page


Fri. December 17th 2004

1) Added a new Pet (Sammy - RES (Red Ear Slider) Turtle pics & Bios to the ABOUT ME section

2) Added some more Southpark Episode Details to EPISODE 8 Section (EP 808 - EP 814)

3) Added Southpark DVD covers to Season 4 & 5 on the SOUTHPARK Section & in the backgrounds to EPISODE 4 & EPISODE 5 Sections

4) Increased the amount of Southpark Episodes on the SOUTHPARK Section

5) Added 9 more Jokes to the JOKES Section

6) Changed Color Schemes in the JOKES Section

7) Added Bubble text pop-up to the Content Links

8) Changed Hit counter on MAIN Page, since the last one stopped working



Sat. May 15th 2004

1) Links now open in there own windows on the Stephen King section, instead of main section

2) Added link to Megan's favorites list in Favorite Link's section

3) Added 4 more jokes to the Jokes Section

4) Added 2 .GIFS & a .JPG to the Favorite Link Section


Sun. May 9th 2004

1) Finished Stephen King Section


Sat. May 8th 2004

1) Changed size of Tattoo pictures on Main Page to fit 1024x768 Resolution without scroll bars

2) Spaced out Link icons on contents (left side of website) to fit centered with blue boxes

3) Added Flames & Blood Bar Gif's on top of Website

4) Added Lightning Gif's on Main Page



Thurs. May 6th 2004

1) Started Recent Changes page

2) Added Episode 806 in southpark episode 8 section

3) Added some links to Montreal Canadiens section

4) Removed Frame bars from website

5) Started Stephen King Section